8th Circuit

8th Circuit is an experimental digital interpretation of the Eight Circuit Model of Consciousness, by Can Buyukberber. Through 3D visual techniques, Buyukberber translates this multifaceted psychological theory, encompassing both consciousness and spirituality, into a tangible visual form.

"8th Circuit" is a visual exploration inspired by the Eight Circuit Model of Consciousness. This psychological theory encompasses eight quantum psychological systems that integrate various interpretations of primary altered states of consciousness into one overarching meta-theory. Simplistically, it delineates eight circuits or information pathways (often referred to as "brains") present within the human nervous system. The renowned Robert Anton Wilson has elaborated extensively on how each of these circuits impacts the lives of individuals and collective human experiences. This model is a synthesis of diverse perspectives from disciplines including psychology, neurology, sociology, anthropology, and foundational sciences like physics, chemistry, and biology, interspersed with spiritual insights.
The model posits that eight distinct neurological circuits, each corresponding to a specific state of consciousness, are either active or lie dormant within every human being. It is believed that the latter circuits, from the fifth to the eighth, are evolutionary novelties, with an increasingly limited number of humans activating them. As one progresses through these circuits, their prevalence among the human populace diminishes, culminating in only a handful fully engaging with all of them.
Direction & 3D Animation: Can Buyukberber
8th Circuit" serves as a pivotal point in Can Buyukberber's artistic trajectory, embodying the intersection of complex psychological theory and cutting-edge visual representation. Conceptually and aesthetically, this piece sets the foundation for Buyukberber's subsequent works, as it intricately ties abstract psychological constructs to tangible digital art forms, establishing a unique language that he further evolves in his later projects.
Tackling intricate theories like the Eight Circuit Model through 3D digital art is emblematic of Buyukberber's commitment to pushing the boundaries of comprehension and representation. With the harmonization of intricate theoretical constructs with the limitless expanses of digital artistry, he underscores the adaptability and potency of digital art in conveying complex narratives.
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