Can Buyukberber

Can Buyukberber is a visual artist working on immersive audiovisual experiences blurring boundries between physical and digital spaces. His practice consists of experiments with virtual/augmented reality, projection mapping, geodesic domes, large-scale displays and digital fabrication. Driven by an interdisciplinary thinking which extends to art, design and science, his work focuses on human perception, exploring new methods for non-linear narratives and emergent forms. Received his Master’s Degree in Art & Technology from San Francisco Art Institute as a Fulbright Scholar and been selected to Autodesk’s Pier 9 and Adobe's AR Artist Residencies; exhibited at museums, galleries and media art festivals around the world, including ZKM, Karlsruhe; Ars Electronica, Linz; SAT, Montreal; Sonar D+, Barcelona; California Academy of Sciences and Exploratorium, San Francisco; Signal Festival, Prague; Akbank Sanat, Istanbul; Art Futura, Rome; MUTEK.JP, Tokyo; ZeroSpace, New York City; collaborations with musical artists such as Grammy-Award winning rock band Tool, Shigeto and Czech Philharmonic Orchestra.

Multiverse Series
Digital Sculpture Series on view at MGM National Harbor & Sedition Art
November, 2017
Unseen Stars
w/ Obscura Digital Grand Central Terminal, New York
September, 2017
ARKit Experiment
Collaboration with Marpi de Young Museum, San Francisco
August, 2017
Dolby Art Series
Collaboration with Dolby Labs Dolby HQ, San Francisco
June, 2017
Mediated Virtuality
VR Installation with 3D Printed Sculptures San Francisco Mint & Pier 9
May, 2017
Digital Creatures
Group Exhibition by ArtFutura Exdogana, Rome, Italy
April, 2017
Luminary Art:Tech:Music
Projection on Mural + Interactive Dance + Shigeto Visuals The Midway Gallery, San Francisco
March, 2017
Late 2016 - Early 2017 Projects
Various Experiments with Virtual Reality, Kinetic Sculptures, Plotter and Prints
December, 2016
Morphogenesis VR
Audiovisual Piece for Fulldome and VR Toured 10 countries & 14 cities
June, 2016
From Bits to Atoms
Exhibition SFAI & Residence/SF, San Francisco
May, 2016
Projection on Lasercut Sculpture San Francisco
April, 2016
TOOL - Live Visual Set
Animated Artworks for TOOL San Francisco
October, 2015
A/V Performance with Czech Symphony Rudolfinum Music Auditorium, Prague
September, 2015
Unfold 01
Projection on Print Prizma Space, Istanbul
March, 2015
Anaglyph 3D A/V Performance Signal Light Festival, Prague
October, 2014
Unfold Series
Digital Sculpture Studies
July, 2014
Eschaton Series
Procedural Drawings
October, 2013
Audio/Visual Performance International Digital Arts Biennial, Montreal
May, 2012
Coca-Cola Future-Room
Immersive Environment santralistanbul, Istanbul
December, 2011
Audio/Visual Installation Shadow Lab, KISD, Cologne
November, 2010
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