Invisible Exhibition

A guerilla AR experiment, Invisible Exhibition places mirrored humanoid figures and molten silver forms in the physical world via AR. Uninvited and unsolicited, these surreal figures become digital trespassers into the de Young Museum sculpture garden in San Francisco, California.

Although they are visible only to some, they are affixed to the site with remarkable fidelity; reflection maps generated from 360-degree images captured on-site help to create uncannily realistic scenes, which were recorded in real-time from an iPad app built using iOS ARKit and Unity. Skinned in a reflective, shiny silver, the figures are akin to many of the existing outdoor pieces and initially feel like an extension of the collection — whimsical sculptures that have come to life digitally.
In Collaboration with: Marpi

Music: Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm - Wide Open

On location 360 shots fed into Unity as reflection maps which provided a better 3d model - background integration.
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