Digital Creatures

Digital Creatures (Creature Digitali) is a digital art exhibition curated by ArtFutura founder and director Montxo Algora and produced by MondoMostre Skira. Digital Creatures explores the evolution of art, science and the humanity at the center of global technological change. The exhibition showcases a new type of artists that test the limits of creativity using unique digital tools. Can Buyukberber is exhibiting 3 collaborative projection installations and his digital prints alongside works by Universal Everything (UK), Paul Friedlander (UK), Esteban Diácono (Argentina), Can Buyukberber (USA), Sachiko Kodama (Japan), Chico MacMurtrie/Amorphic Robot Works (USA), and the best video images of the ArtFutura festival. The exhibition stays on view more than 4 months, from 29 April until 10 September 2017 at Ex Dogana in Rome, Italy.

"It's the beginning of this 21st century, we’re all progressively mutating into “digital creatures”. Our jobs, our emotions, our friendships, our art; Everything is performed more and more in the digital realm. And almost without noticing it, almost without being aware, we are wearing humankind as our second skin. And as humankind gets intimately connected, everything gets meaning."
from  ArtFutura Rome, Digital Creatures Exhibition Statement.
Morphogenesis - Extended 8K Panorama
Audiovisual Installation

Morphogenesis (from the Greek morphê ‘’shape'' and genesis “creation”; literally, "beginning of the shape") is the biological process that causes an organism to develop its shape. Inspired by the phenomenon of emergence in self-organized systems, Morphogenesis consists of continuous transformation of fundamental geometrical patterns and uses them as the building blocks of immersive spaces. Originally created for fulldome and virtual reality, its 10 minute long special panorama version uses horizontally aligned 5 projectors to create a super wide immersive presentation in the aspect ratio 7.5:1.

Concept & Art Direction: Can Buyukberber
Sound Design: Yagmur Uyanik

Preview of Morphogenesis Panorama / Cropped for Presentation Purposes

More about the VR and Fulldome Edition

Celestial Collisions
Interactive Installation
“Celestial Collisions” is an interactive artwork that represents the transformation of colossal masses that is beyond human comprehension such as movements of landscapes, continents and galaxies. The digital recreation of this hypothetical timelapse allows the viewer to manipulate the change with their body movements, thus empowers our significance within these changes.
Concept & Art Direction: Can Buyukberber
Interaction Design: ecco screen
Generative Tissues
Interactive Sculpture
Generative Tissues is a webGL based digital sculpture that multiple viewers can interact with their smartphones simultaneously. When actived over URL, the piece breaks into its pieces and then unites by itself - a constant play between falling apart and coming back together.
Art Direction & Digital Sculpture: Can Buyukberber
Interaction Design & Development: Marpi
Video from MUSE Event aSeries #02. Similar collection of works was exhibited first time at The Village, San Francisco, before Digital Creatures Exhibition in Rome. 

Music: Dear World, NIN
December 30th, 2016
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