Audiovisual Installation, Shadow Lab, Cologne International School of Design, Germany

Chairoma is an audiovisual installation exploring the possibilities of optical illusions, shadow manipulations and distortions based on the shadow of a still chair. The work has been created during the Shadowlab for The Other Exhibition at Cologne International School of Design in Germany as a contribution of Istanbul Bilgi University, Visual Communication Design Department.

The installation is composed of moving light and audio components. The chair and the black screen is enlightened by the projector light, and several sequences of projection mapped computer animations take place in loop, manipulating viewer's perception of a daily-life object, using technology. 
Visual Design: Can Buyukberber
Audio Design: Gokhan Ciftci
Documentation: Barıs Ari
Academic Supervision: Can Pekdemir
Production: Aykut Durmayaz, Gokhan Emir

Joseph Kosuth. One and Three Chairs. 1965

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