Digital Art Installations & Podcasts

Youtube Playlists consisting of videos from recent project documentations, talks and interviews. Subscribe to stay up to date with my latest projects.

Digital Art Installations
New playlist on Can Buyukberber YouTube channel, consisting of  18videos (and counting) from my recent project documentations, talks and interviews. The easiest way to explore my art in depth.
Talks & Podcasts
"Talks & Podcasts" playlist consists of conversations on my creative philosophy, early inspirations and artistic process with esteemed colleagues, curators and art galleries. From the social and environmental impacts of technology, to the future of art, immersion, hybrid sensory spaces, virtual reality, human evolution and consciousness expansion, we are exploring a wide range of cutting-edge topics. More details and links in the descriptions of each video. The talks are in English and Turkish, please use auto-generated subtitles if necessary (translations are 95% accurate).
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