The Dolby Art Series is a collaboration with 22 international artists and design studios. Each artwork is inspired by the two half circles of Dolby's iconic logomark. The work is exhibited in Dolby offices worldwide to celebrate Dolby's values, inspire creativity, and transport Dolby to new dimensions. The project and artists involved were celebrated at San Francisco Design Week 2017, with the reception hosted at Dolby Headquarters on June 15. As one of the artists who is invited to create an original artwork, Can Buyukberber produced ideas which eventually became "Quanta", an artwork inspired by Dolby's mission at the cutting edge of art and science.

From the opening at Dolby HQ, San Francisco during SF Design Week, June 15th 2017. Photo by Cass Sadikin

Quanta (in physics, plural of quantum) invites the viewer into a hypothetical grid system, where light,
sound and space find their representations within the minimum amount of physical entities involved
in an interaction. Te work emerges from a dualistic void, where instantaneous jumps can occur from
one state to another, within the frame of a phase space that consists of all possible values of its
Composed of gradients of color in linear variations, Quanta intends to create a dynamic
presence with its form that might evoke a sense of motion, resemble a scientific schema and a
radiating source of information or intersecting planes of infinite possibilities; so clear, yet ambiguous.
"As a young artist who grew up with a passion for science fiction movies, I'm well aware of the technical milestones that Dolby achieved in the cinematic arts. And when I began to think about the basics of Dolby's vision, it led me to physics, specifically quantum physics, where light, sound, and space are defined by a minimal set of physical properties. It's the inspiration from these scientific schemas that informed the artwork." – Can Buyukberber
Hailing from London, Thailand, Poland, Japan and the United States, participating artists and designers include Can Buyukberber, Rob Lowe / Supermundane, Sawdust, Volvox Labs, GMUNK, Gretel, Skip Hursh, Michael Paul Young, onformative, Dave McLeod, Logan, Sara Andreasson, Territory, Daniel Freytag, Eddie Opara / Pentagram, Field, Reza Ali, Young Never Sleep, Experimental Jetset, Motoi Shito, Man vs. Machine, and Mucho.
First round of design studies and initial concepts. 
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