At the cutting-edge intersection of art and well-being, Frequency Lab in NYC has pioneered immersive experiences that meld the visual arts with holistic healing practices. During his residency, artist Can Buyukberber masterfully designed 360-degree visual environments for geodesic domes, enhancing Frequency's guided meditation sessions and transforming them into multi-sensory journeys. These transformative sessions, including "PERMISSION TO BE NEW" and "THE HUMAN CONNECTION EXPERIENCE", are available to the public, encapsulating the essence of human connection and self-renewal at Frequency Lab's Chelsea, Manhattan venue.

Frequency creates 360 immersive experiences weave together the visual arts with the healing arts, along with sound, neuroscience, and music, to connect with yourself and others to explore what it is to be alive, to awaken, to transform, and to remind ourselves of our own essence.
Led by world-renowned wellness teachers, Frequency offers immersive experiences that expand human consciousness. Each journey invites participants to access a more embodied and connected state of being - shedding the anxiety, stress and overwhelm of modern life. 
During his artist residency, Buyukberber art directed and designed immersive visual experiences for Frequency's guided meditation classes. Launched at SXSW in Austin with a collaboration with LuluLemon, the experiences are open to the public at Frequency Lab in Chelsea, Manhattan.
Narrated by Dr. Megan Poe, MD. 
Visuals by Can Buyukberber
Narrated by Dr. Megan Poe, MD. 
Visuals by Can Buyukberber
 Details from the lighting design for the Frequency Lab, Chelsea, Manhattan
All photos & visual artwork by Can Buyukberber
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