From Bits to Atoms

Exhibition at SFAI & Residence/SF, San Francisco - 05.2016

From Bits To Atoms is an exhibition project which consists of individual and collaborative works of Yagmur Uyanik and Can Buyukberber. It visualizes different scales of time and movement while questioning daily perception with site specific installations. Physical light, computational methods, parametric forms and digital fabrication techniques are used to create a conceptual language. Yagmur Uyanik and Can Buyukberber have backgrounds in architecture and visual communication design. Their collaborative projects combine forms and visual unities using sound and light. The works extend digital media to a point where it may become physical experience based on spatial thinking and architectural organization.
May 11th to 14th
at Residence/SF |
3338 24th St, San Francisco, CA
April 16th
SFAI Graduate Open Studios |
2565 Third Street, San Francisco CA
Audiovisual Installation
40”x40”x20” + 6 Minutes Audiovisual Loop

I = PAT is the lettering of a formula put forward to describe the impact of human activity on the environment. In words: Human Impact on the environment equals the product of Population, Affluence, and Technology. This shows how the population, affluence and technology produce an impact. I = PAT describes this man impact on planet with an Anthropocenic visual language. Instead of showing a perpetual present in a parallel temporality in order to make the absent partially present, visual narratives have become sheer presence: the here and now in real time. Made up of particles of time, wrested out of sensation and turned into cognition, I = PAT deals more with concepts and saying than with intuition and showing. The work consists of a full dome and a 6 minutes audiovisual loop content, which uses the sculpture as a metaphor and focuses “on the surface” by using projected images on the outer surface of the dome structure
Vanishing Point
Light Installation
Vanishing Point (from Latin: perspicere to see through) is a series of experiments which acquires its base from visual perception through three components: space, light, and sound. The development of new forms of geometric projection in the construction of perspective corresponds with the invention of novel pictorial art forms of visual representation in the Italian Renaissance, since the fourteenth century and until the end of the sixteenth century, and specifically within the circles of architectural and artistic experimentation and design. With the first experiment, two point perspective becomes the subject matter and the work takes the roots from basic fundamental geometry. Creating the component of visual perception in and through the space, the piece turns the invisible part of our daily visual perception reference to a visible and tangible presence. Vanishing Point offers a space within space and thus, establishes a relation between spaces (Henri Lefebvre, The Production of Space). With the help of electroluminescent wires (often abbreviated as EL wire), two point perspective becomes a sculpture. It creates a unique area for the audience to experience and grasp the comprehensive limits of three­ dimensional universe with the dynamics of light and sound.
Audio/Visual Piece for Fulldome and Virtual Reality Environment
Geodesic Dome and Gear VR
Morphogenesis (from the Greek morphê 'shape' and genesis 'creation', literally, 'beginning of the shape') is the biological process that causes an organism to develop its shape. As a fulldome and virtual reality piece, which is inspired by the phenomenon of emergence in self-organized systems, Morphogenesis consists of the continuous transformation of fundamental geometrical patterns and uses them as the building blocks of an immersive space and a visual notation for the sound, during this audiovisual journey through different aspects of the physical and biological universe.
360˚ excerpt from an early draft of Morphogenesis: During SFAI Open Studios, a preview of Morphogenesis was exhibited by using a small scale geodesic dome and Samsung Gear VR headset. The full-size project was premiered on June 3rd as a part of Symposium IX 2016 in Montreal, followed by many other media art festivals around the world. 
Projection on Lasercut Sculpture
20”x20” + 4 Minutes Audiovisual Loop

Unifield is a form experiment which attempts to explore H.S.M. Coxeter's higher dimensional geometry studies. The work intends to trigger a timeless perception by merging both archaic and futuristic components. By using computational design techniques with a digital fabrication method and projection mapping, Unifield uses the space where digital and physical overlaps as a portal to visualization possibilities of a higher dimensional object. Click here for more info.
Unfold 02
Digital Sculpture, Print
Unfold 02 is a part of Unfold Series which is a digital sculpture study that focuses on capturing and crystallizing the movement and continuous transformation of unfolding objects in time. ​​​​​​​
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