Experiments with Virtual Reality, Kinetic Sculptures, Plotter and Digital Prints keywords: virtual reality, htc vive, unity, generative spaces, interactive installation, touch designer, kinect, web vr, xy plotter, laser cutter, kinetic sculpture, vive tracker, 3d printing, cinema 4d, x-particles, octane render, motion capture data, organic growth simulation, form studies, immersive media, hyperconnectivity.

Experiments with Various Media
August 2016 - Februrary 2017​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Growing Architecture
Constructs of Connectivity
VR experiment with generative spaces, HTC Vive and Unity. Procedurally generated environment based on a particle simulation. Sound by Yagmur Uyanık / January 2017
Multimaterial Form Study for 3D Printing
hyper-connected II
New Digital Print Series
hyper-connected IV
hyper-connected I
a detail from hyper-connected V
Walking in Circle
Kinetic Sculpture
December 2017
video I​​​​​​​
Interactive Kinetic Sculpture
October 2016
Spectral: Sketches
August 2016
Form and movement explorations, based on permutations of two point perspective, depth, randomness and space.
Computational Drawings
November 2016
3D Animation with Mo-Cap Data
November 2016
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