Eschaton Series

The "Eschaton Series" combines hand-drawn artistry with computational design influence to explore the vast interconnectedness of existence. Drawing inspiration from the philosophical concept of "Eschaton" and the universe's trajectory, the artworks manifest a search for cosmic order and meaning. 2012-2013

Journey to Inevitability: Deciphering the Eschaton Series

The "Eschaton Series" is a collection of hand-drawn artworks crafted with white ink on black paper, illustrating the theme of interconnectedness across existential scales. Initiated in Istanbul in 2012 and further developed in Izmir and the Gumusluk Academy in 2013, the series integrates procedural computational design techniques into manual artistry.

The term "Eschaton" references the concept of a heaven-like end state in history, often referred to in political theory. Eric Voegelin popularized the notion of "immanentizing the eschaton" in the 1950s, describing it as the drive to create a heavenly realm on Earth. This idea stems from a sense of social alienation and the belief in overcoming worldly disorder through profound insights.

The series draws inspiration from this concept, as well as the idea of the universe being pulled toward an inevitable future. T. McKenna posited that "the universe is pulled toward a complex attractor that exists ahead of us in time, and our ever-accelerating speed through the phenomenal world of connectivity and novelty is based on the fact that we are now very, very close to the attractor." The artworks thus encapsulate a journey toward a predetermined point in time, resonating with the broader theme of seeking order and meaning in the universe.

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Phase Space 
Womb - detail
Immanent Array 01
Territorial Mind
Territorial Mind - detail
Immanent Array 02
Vision Quest 02
Vision Quest 02 - detail
Vision Quest 01
Vision Quest 03
Vision Quest 03 - detail
Etheric Plane
Etheric Plane - detail 01

Etheric Plane - detail 02
Archaic Revival
Archaic Revival - detail 01
Archaic Revival - detail 02
Archaic Revival - detail 03
Talisman - detail
Phase Space Diagram 01
Phase Space Diagram 02
Phase Space - Implosion
Ison: A New Hope 
Ison: A New Hope - detail
Signals from Higher Self 01
Signals from Higher Self 02
Signals from Higher Self 03
Dimensional Interference 01
Dimensional Interference 01 - detail
Dimensional Interference 03
Dimensional Interference 04
Immanent Array 03
Dimensional Interference 04
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