Luminous Collection

Luminous is a collection of three works from his latest foray into digital sculpture and animated art, serving as a sequel to the Multiverse Series. These pieces highlight the delicate balance of form, colour, and light, underpinned by recursive geometrical patterns influenced by higher dimensions and futuristic physics.

Luminous I
Edition of 100
In "Luminous", Can Buyukberber presents a new collection comprising three works from his recent studies in digital sculpture and animated art. This collection acts as a continuation of the Multiverse Series, drawing insights from higher dimensional spaces, organic structures, and elements of physics and futurism. Buyukberber's pieces in this series are characterized by an intricate interplay of form, colour, and light, emphasizing recursive geometrical patterns.
Luminous II
Edition of 100
Luminous forms draw attention an interplay of form, color, space, light and shadow with meditative recursive transformations without a beginning or end, forming personal associations in viewers mind with its intersecting nets of complex geometries. Inspired by recurring patterns in the universe and the geometrical relationships between them, Buyukberber's works blur the sense of scale and presence in physical and digital environments.
Check out the collection on Sedition.
To coincide with the launch of the new collection 'Luminous', we have conducted an interview with Can Buyukberber, delving into his artistic practice, his inspirations and his explorations on the ways of utilizing different types of new media to create immersive experiences.

Watch the video to explore more about Can Buyukberber and his digital sculpture and animated artwork series 'Multiverse' and the ideas and inspirations behind the new series 'Luminous' that is recently launched on Sedition.
Luminous III
Edition of 100
"Luminous", rooted in the Latin term "luminosus", carries a connotation of brightness, illumination, and clarity. In its original context, it encapsulates the idea of something being filled with or emitting light. The word resonates with the imagery of glowing objects, radiance from a source, or the intrinsic quality of something to shine.
Beyond its physical interpretation, "luminous" also encompasses a metaphorical dimension. It can be used to describe ideas, personalities, or moments that stand out with clarity, inspiration, or brilliance. For instance, a "luminous" thought might be one that enlightens or offers profound insight. The term's origins in Latin, a foundational language for many modern dialects, speaks to its timeless relevance and its capacity to convey both tangible brightness and intangible brilliance across ages and cultures.
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