Mediated Virtuality

During his residency at Autodesk's Pier 9 Workshop, Can Buyukberber introduced "Mediated Virtuality", a cutting-edge installation that melds the virtual with the tangible. Comprising digitally crafted sculptures and interactive elements, the piece engages viewers in an immersive virtual reality experience. It synthesizes techniques like virtual reality, hand tracking, and 3D printing, presenting a visionary exploration that blurs the boundaries of physical and digital dimensions. First exhibited in May 2017.

Reality-Virtuality Continuum
The Pier 9 Residency Program at Autodesk stands as a beacon for creative minds, innovators, and manufacturers. Here, residents journey through the holistic cycle of creation, transitioning from intangible digital models to tangible, real-world artifacts. This collaborative space is instrumental in pioneering advancements in 3D design and fabrication technologies, reshaping the paradigms of design, engineering, and manufacturing.
In the midst of his Artist Residency at Autodesk's revered Pier 9 Workshop in San Francisco, Can Buyukberber conceived "Mediated Virtuality"; A deep exploration into the reality-virtuality continuum, bridging the expanse between the unequivocally "virtual" and the unmistakably "real".
Transcendent Objects: Bridging Physical and Virtual Realms
At its heart lie multiple digitally fabricated sculptures, referred to by Buyukberber as "Transcendent Objects." These creations suggest a presence from a superior dimension, manifesting in our 3D reality as intricate geometrical structures. Enhanced by the integration of Vive trackers, these sculptures transform the interactive experience: what one grasps physically morphs into an enveloping space in the virtual domain.
Exploration of Mixed Reality and Art

As Buyukberber's seminal graduation project for the San Francisco Art Institute's Art and Technology Master's Program, "Mediated Virtuality" amalgamates a plethora of techniques. It offers not just an installation but a visionary glimpse into the prospective evolution of mixed reality experiences and, indeed, the very future of art. This endeavor accentuates the potential intersections of art and technology, illuminating new pathways and challenging traditional artistic boundaries.
Virtuality Materialized

"For our show, Mr. Buyukberber did the impossible. He created a world where the viewer was able to physically touch virtual objects. Since we work with emerging technologies, virtual reality is not a new concept for us. However, this type of sculpture was a first in the world. Can Buyukberber pioneered a new type of art using virtual reality as a sculpture instead of as just visual entertainment. I make no exaggeration when I say that we are yet to see the results of how others will be inspired by this important work of art."
-Sherry Wong, Pier 9 Residency Program Manager
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