Metafold: The 7 Collection

"Metafold: The 7 Collection," is a digital art exhibition conceptualized by visual artist Can Buyukberber. Integrating his digital sculptures with LED displays, augmented reality, and limited edition prints, it allows attendees to experience the convergence of art and technology through different lenses. Drawing from principles of physics, high-dimensional geometry, and organic patterns, Buyukberber offers a unique interpretation of the BMW 7 Series' design philosophy with his selected works.

"Metafold" is a digital art collection by visual artist Can Buyukberber, exclusively compiled for the New BMW 7 Series. With kinetic digital sculptures inspired by physics, futurism, high-dimensional geometry, and organic structures, the collection interprets the design philosophy of the New BMW 7 Series – "a space for breathing, thinking, and evolving" – as an inspiring audiovisual installation and a sensory experience.
The Metafold experience, informed by Buyukberber's interdisciplinary studies connecting science, art, and design, aims to serve as a unique interactive and enduring memory for visitors. This experience is complemented by limited edition prints produced by the artist and an augmented reality extension.
Photos from "Metafold: The 7 Collection" Digital Art Exhibition: The piece has been displayed on 4 dynamic LED screens (3 by 2 m ~ 10 by 6.5 ft) with QR code activation for AR, enabling to view and capture the digital sculptures in 3d.
As part of the "Metafold: The 7 Collection" digital art exhibition, which accompanies the new BMW 7 Series launch event, Buyukberber has produced exclusive limited-edition digital prints augmented with reality, intended to offer a unique interactive and lasting memento for guests. 800 editions have been printed, each signed and numbered by the artist using in-house capabilities. Collectors can view the digital sculptures in 3D by scanning a QR code.
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