Metafold: The 7 Collection

Digital Art Exhibition with LED Installation, Augmented Reality and Limited Edition Prints | Artist Collaboration with BMW Turkiye | May 23rd - June 1st at Tersane Istanbul

"Metafold" is a digital art collection by visual artist Can Buyukberber, exclusively compiled for the New BMW 7 Series. With the kinetic digital sculptures that is inspired by physics, futurism, high-dimensional geometry and organic structures, it interprets the design philosophy of the New BMW 7 Series "a space for breathing, thinking and evolving" as an inspiring audiovisual installation and a sensory experience
The Metafold experience is informed by Buyukberber's interdisciplinary studies that connect science, art and design, aims to continue as a special interactive and permanent memory for visitors, with limited edition prints produced by the artist and augmented reality extension.
Photos from "Metafold: The 7 Collection" Digital Art Exhibition: The piece has been displayed on 4 dynamic LED screens (3 by 2 m ~ 10 by 6.5 ft) with QR code activation for AR, enabling to view and capture the digital sculptures in 3d.
As part of the "Metafold: The 7 Collection" digital art exhibition accompanying the new BMW 7 Series launch event, Buyukberber has produced exclusive limited edition digital prints with augmented reality, aiming to become a special interactive and permanent memory for the guests. 800 editions are printed, signed and numbered by the artist with in-house capabilities. Collectors are able view the digital sculptures in 3D using QR code.
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