MSG Sphere | Preview

Exterior Dome Projection that Buyukberber art directed at Obscura Digital. It was a demo piece installation for a larger project MSG are working on right now as a future venue concept for Madison Square Garden company. One of the first visual arts for the Sphere project, 2018.

All photos by Joshua Brot -  Courtesy of Obscura Digital.

A rehearsal footage of the exterior dome installation,
Equirectangular Animated Content by Can Buyukberber

Previsualization of the MSG Sphere by Obscura Digital

It is called MSG Sphere, a technologically enhanced arena of the future, spherical venues there are planning for Las Vegas and London — where the first two such arenas are scheduled to open in 2021, which has capacity for 18,500 people. 
The venue place host, fully immersive Live concert performances, screenings, sports events. 
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