"Can was the second headlining artist for the MUSE interactive art and concert series at The Village in San Francisco. I had the pleasure of interviewing him while learning about his inspiration to his incredible, brain melting and awe inspiring art."
MUSE Event Series, The Village, San Francisco
December 30th, 2016
After the first edition of Muse Event Series with a special exhibition by GMUNK, MUSE #02 features new works by Can Buyukberber, including collaborative interactive installations, special 8K screening and Morphogenesis VR experience.
Generative Tissues, 2016
by Can Buyukberber & Marpi
Interactive Sculpture
Morphogenesis, 2016
by Can Buyukberber & Yagmur Uyanik
Audiovisual Piece for VR
Celestial Collisions, 2016
by Can Buyukberber & ecco screen
Interactive Installation
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