Solenoid is a 15 minutes long audio/visual piece created as a fulldome performance, commissioned to Istanbul based Studio Ouchhh and directed by Ferdi Alıcı for 2nd edition of IX, Immersion Experience Symposium. Ouchhh offered me a collaboration with their team as a visual artist and I produced a part approx. 7 minutes long for the project emphasizing the concept of magnetism.
photo credit: Can Buyukberber / from left to right: Biosphere by architect Buckminster Fuller / Allegra Fuller Snyder's opening speech / Labodome at SAT  / Scott Fisher on VR
photo credit: ©

Direction&Animation: Ouchhh, Director: Ferdi Alici
Concept Development: Eylul Duranagac, Ferdi Alici, Selay Karasu  Project Manager: Selay Karasu
Lead Visual Artist: Can Buyukberber
A/V Artists: Bahadır Dagdelen, Can Buyukberber, Eylul Duranagac, Ferdi Alici, Selay Karasu
Sound Design: Mehmet Unal
photo credit: ©
Visuals below are from the part that I produced:
photo credit: ©
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