Stimuli Space

30 feet wide Data-Generated Mural, The Midway Gallery, San Francisco in Colllaboration with Artify & UCSF Neurobiology Lab

Stimuli Space is a 30 feet wide data-generated mural at The Midway Gallery, San Francisco, comparing states of the brain while we process language; created in collaboration with Valentina Borghesani from UCSF Neurobiology Lab and SprayPrinter using brainwave (MEG) data and Albert the Robot Muralist.

Video by MMB FILMS

"My research focuses on the amazing ability we share, as humans, to extract meaning from arbitrary symbols. A word is nothing more than a series of letters, strokes on a piece of paper, but we can retrieve a very complex and multidimensional meaning from it." 
-Valentina Borghesani, UCSF Language Neurobiology Lab.
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