A Decade of Change

In "A Decade of Change," Can Buyukberber harnesses the power of digital art to delve deep into the intricate challenges and wonders of our current age. Spanning cosmic wonders to internal reflections, each piece within the series becomes a window, offering viewers a vantage point to contemplate and understand the myriad complexities around them.

A Decade of Change: Perceptions in a Transformative Era
Can Buyukberber's "A Decade of Change" serves as a digital prism, refracting the intricate challenges and wonders characterizing our current epoch. Through speculative installations, viewers are invited on a journey that spans from the cosmos to the core of human consciousness, capturing the transformative essence of a rapidly evolving world. 
"A Decade of Change" weaves a tapestry that captures the intricacies of our times, fusing art with poignant global themes and encouraging viewers to reflect, understand, and engage more deeply with the world's evolving narrative.
Embodying the depth of Sanskrit ideals like intelligence (Mati) and intuition, "Mati" stands as a digital sentinel of perception. Modeled to resemble a vast, all-seeing eye, this sculpture invites viewers into a realm of heightened mindfulness, urging them to embrace deeper realms of perception and understanding.
An ode to the cosmic dance, "Helios" is a luminous portrayal inspired by the increasing solar activity and the stunning imagery captured by the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope in Maui. Manifesting as a 2-meter tall spherical sculpture, this digital artwork serves as a radiant reminder of the universe's vastness and the dynamic interplay of celestial energies.
Antarctic Meltdown
Marrying art with stark environmental realities, "Antarctic Meltdown" is a potent symbol of Earth's fragility. Modeled as a half-globe with a melting iceberg, it vividly captures the alarming data: Antarctica's loss of 125 gigatons of ice annually between 2002 and 2016, and the global sea level rise that threatens coastal cities. Beyond its visual poignancy, it's a clarion call about our planet's precarious state, emphasizing the tangible outcomes of climate change.
in/definite • in/decisive 
Capturing the zeitgeist of our times, "in/definite • in/decisive" embodies the pervasive sense of global uncertainty. While it appears as a rendering, it encapsulates a shared sentiment: a system in pause, an era of hesitations, and the collective ambivalence marking our global consciousness.

Delving into the realm of decentralized systems, "Goldilocks" explores the intricate balance of collective entities. Drawing upon research that reveals the optimal conditions of such systems—where components are neither overly simplistic nor excessively capable—this speculative installation visually communicates the delicate harmony that defines nature, technology, and other interconnected networks.
calm • disturbed • medicated
A triptych of the human psyche, this series delves into the tumultuous landscapes of our minds. "Calm" offers a serene reflection, "disturbed" channels the chaos of external and internal pressures, and "medicated" touches upon society's quest for equilibrium. Together, these pieces underscore the myriad emotions and states that define our mental well-being in this age of change.
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