A Decade of Change

Looking at the vital issues of the Earth in the new decade; the state of global human society and finding focus on what matters the most in a time of global pause and uncertainty. Work in progress.

Mati • Sanskrit: intelligence, understanding, mindful, intuition and perception.
Helios • Inspired by the increasing solar activity and the high resolution imagery by Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope located at Maui’s Haleakala mountain, the largest and most powerful solar telescope in the world.
Antarctic Meltdown • Between 2002 and 2016, Antarctica lost 125 gigatons of ice, annually. The average global sea level has risen 8.9 inches between 1880 and 2015. That’s much faster than in the previous 2,700 years.

Flooding will affect many of the world's largest coastal cities. By 2033, rising sea levels will flood 4,000 miles of fiber optic cables that deliver the internet and telephone services. By 2045, studies found that 300,000 coastal properties will be flooded 26 times a year.
in/definite • in/decisive : the system on a pause; an epidemic of uncertainty
Goldilocks • "Whether biological, technological, economic or social, collective systems are often considered to be “decentralized,” meaning that they lack a main control hub for coordinating their individual components. Instead, control is distributed among the components, which make their own decisions based on local information; complex behaviors arise through their interactions.

Research has found that adding intelligence to the individual agents in decentralized systems doesn’t always make their collective behaviors more complex. Physicists demonstrated that a decentralized model performed best under Goldilocks conditions, when its parts were neither too simple nor too capable."
calm • disturbed • medicated : the mind as a mirror
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