The Doors of Metaverse

In his captivating keynote titled "The Doors of Metaverse," presented at FITC Toronto 2023, renowned visual artist Can Buyukberber discusses the five doors leading to the vanguard of digital art and innovation. Delving into the intricate interplay between technology and artistry, Buyukberber illuminates the evolution of creative processes, inspirations, and aesthetic paradigms in today's contemporary media art landscape.

Unlocking Spatial Realms

The Doors of Metaverse consists of 5 chapters, or 5 "doors", each leading into the forefront of digital art and innovation. Each door represents a distinct media technology and technique that Can Buyukberber has meticulously explored and experimented with. Journey through the mesmerizing world of Projection Mapping, traverse the immersive universes of Domes and Virtual Reality, marvel at the dynamic Digital Sculptures and the luminescent LED Installations, and be enthralled by the confluence of Augmented Reality intertwined with the pioneering magic of Generative A.I.

The connective tissue in all these media experiments foreshadows the upcoming "spatial computing" revolution. Spatial computing, in essence, pertains to the convergence of physical and digital spaces, where our environment becomes a dynamic interface, transforming how information is accessed and experienced in relation to our surroundings.

Door 03: Domes & Virtual Reality | A snippet from  "The Doors of Metaverse" recorded at The Great Hall, Toronto

The Dawn of a New Digital Era
Emerging at an unprecedented pace, advancements in display technologies are redefining our world. We're surrounded by expansive and vibrant canvases that extend from our living rooms and workspaces to public arenas and vehicles. These aren't just screens; they're gateways to boundless digital realms. They adorn our walls, rest on our desks, and captivate our attention as we traverse urban landscapes or grace building lobbies.
But, as we stand on the cusp of a transformation, we're moving beyond the two-dimensional. A wave of three-dimensional spatial experiences is imminent, marking the advent of a hybrid reality where the lines between the digital and tangible blur. The future won't have us flipping through digital "pages" but rather traversing immersive "spaces". Such a seismic shift promises to elevate human creativity to unparalleled heights.

Noumenon (excerpt)  by Can Buyukberber, Long Beach City Hall, California | In collaboration with StandardVision, 2022

The Digital Tapestry of Perception
Today, our digital tools aren't merely platforms for display but conduits that connect art and audience in real-time. The omnipresence of social networks immerses us in a deluge of visual stimuli daily, actively molding our perceptions, aspirations, and dreams. Each digital interaction we engage in lets us craft a personalized version of reality. The intertwining of electronic media and our physical surroundings deeply influences our psyche.

Door 03: Domes & Virtual Reality | A snippet from  "The Doors of Metaverse" recorded at The Great Hall, Toronto

Redefining the Boundaries
This epoch heralds a profound mandate for artists, designers, and technologists. Rather than simply mirroring the tangible realm in a digital format, we are poised to reinvent it, unveiling new horizons brimming with unprecedented aesthetic marvels.
In his riveting keynote, "The Doors of Metaverse," renowned Visual Artist Can Buyukberber delves into the intricate dance between technology and artistry, shedding light on the evolution of creative processes, inspirations, and aesthetic paradigms in the contemporary media art milieu.
"It was a tremendous pleasure to visit Toronto once again for FITC and share over a decade of my research and experiments in the field of immersive media arts, all distilled into a concise presentation. At the conclusion of my new keynote, "The Doors of Metaverse," attendees received limited edition digital prints of my artwork. We also had the opportunity to meet and converse, which was followed by a special live visual set accompanying DJ Efsharp. It was truly delightful to reconnect with colleagues in person. A heartfelt thank you to the FITC team." -CB, April 2023
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