Unfold 01

Projection on Print - 03.2015

Printed Piece without Projected Content
Unfold Series is an ongoing form experiment inspired by the phenomenon of morphogenesis (from Greek, “beginning of the shape”, the biological process that causes an organism to develop its shape).
" My aim with this study is to create large scale audio/visual installations as a type of kinetic sculpture using light and sound. I created this particular version for Prizma Group Show 02 and experimented with light on the flat surface of printed canvas as step one, before moving to work on physical application of the form."
120cm x 120cm Matte Laminated Print is coated on
3mm Dibond Composite archival mounting with attached aluminium profile subframe
Print Detail 01
Print Detail 02
Print Detail 03
3 Minutes loop of Audiovisual Content is Projected and Mapped on the Canvas
Animated Content 01
Animated Content 02
Animated Content 04
Animated Content 05
Animated Content 06
Animated Content 07
Animated Content 08
Animated Content 09
Animated Content 10
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