Primordial Force

In Can Buyukberber's immersive installation "Primordial Force," water becomes more than just an elemental symbol; it channels the vast depths of our collective unconscious, echoing Carl Jung's profound insights. This artwork captures the essence of an originating energy, weaving together reality, time, space, and life into a dance of constant evolution and interconnectedness.

"Primordial Force" (2021) delves into the elemental depths of water, drawing upon its alchemical significance as a metaphor for the collective unconscious, a concept deeply rooted in Carl Jung's philosophy. This work embodies the notion of an ancient, originating energy, one that has shaped the very fabrics of reality, time, space, and life. It is a representation of the boundless potential and ceaseless movement, emphasizing the profound interactions that lead to the formation of a perpetually evolving universe.
The piece marked its premiere on April 22nd, 2021, with simultaneous site-specific immersive installations at Moscow's ULTRAMARIN and Florida's enLiGHTen Art Festival, held at the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre and One Ocean Resort, respectively, resulting from collaborative efforts with Art Republic Global and VRHAM Virtual Reality & Arts Festival.
Video documentation from the "Now in Digital Art" exhibition, which ran for three months at Akbank Sanat in Istanbul. Primordial Force have been displayed in cities including Moscow, Atlantic Beach (Florida), Istanbul, Hamburg, Venice, Miami, Ankara, and Cappadocia, with more locations anticipated.

Primordial Force at Akbank Sanat, Istanbul. As a part of Now in Digital Art: Alternative Realities + NFT exhibition, from March 1st to May 7th, 2022. Curated by Zeynep Arınç and curation consultancy of NFT by Assoc. Prof. Selçuk Artut. Photo Credit: Akbank Sanat

The Water's Embrace: Synchronicity, Immersion, and Psychological Resonance
"Primordial Force," as an immersive installation, harnesses the essence of water as a profound symbol, tapping into the vast depths of the collective unconscious, a concept pioneered by Carl Jung. This element, enduring and ever-present, reflects the inherited memories and archetypes that lie dormant within our psyche. As the water moves, creating ripples and waves, fleeting glimpses of human silhouettes surface, representing Jung's "primordial images" or "archetypes." These transient faces, intertwined with the aquatic canvas, highlight our shared human narratives and the deep bonds that connect us all.
Within this aqueous environment, participants are not mere observers but become active experiencers. Art, especially in immersive forms like this, has the profound capacity to shift our cognitive gears—away from daily problem-solving and towards a state of heightened sensory awareness. "Primordial Force" achieves this shift, guiding its audience away from daily distractions, inviting them into a realm where each droplet might symbolize moments of meaningful connection or synchronicity.
Here, the interplay of sound, visuals, and ambiance isn't just a backdrop; it's a transformative medium, a conduit to deeper emotional and psychological understanding. In essence, this artwork serves as both an escape and a return, a journey that reminds participants of the rich tapestry of human experience and the myriad threads that connect us all.

Building projection at the enLiGHTen Art Festival 2021 in Atlantic Beach, Florida. Collaboration with Art Republic Global

Primordial Force, Triptych - for Large Scale LED Displays exhibited in Ankara & Cappadocia Culture Road Festivals

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