Art Basel Miami Beach

During Art Basel Miami Beach 2022, my artworks—Metafold 04 and Primordial Force—were showcased in multiple exhibitions, in collaboration with Vellum LA and Art Republic Global.

SCOPE Miami Beach 2022 | Nov. 29 - Dec. 4
My artwork, "Metafold 04," was featured at the Scope Art Show. This 24-foot by 12-foot LED Monolith was produced and curated by Art Republic Global. The installation underscores the ability of public digital art installations to induce FLOW, a heightened state of consciousness where an individual feels profoundly engaged and alive. This installation suspends our perception of the pre-conditioned world, inviting viewers to encounter the sacred in the midst of the mundane.  
Primordial Force in 360°
From the immersive exhibition "Digital Ritual" held in Miami Beach during Art Basel Miami, curated by Vellum LA. Photos by Nal Horowitz. A fully immersive exhibition featuring a selection of influential digital artists whose practices span across a variety of mediums but share a common thread in how they innovative approach to how digital art is experienced in the real world. The exhibition is intended to be simultaneously visceral and thought provoking, with each artwork serving as a 360 degree window into the inner workings of each artist’s imagination.
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