Primordial Particles

Primordial particles are the earliest constituents of our physical universe, serving as the foundational building blocks from which the vast complexity of the cosmos emerged. As a follow-up to "Primordial Force" (2021), which delved into the collective unconscious using the metaphor of water, Can Buyukberber’s new immersive audiovisual piece "Primordial Particles" (2023) shifts focus to the very essence of our material universe. In this digital age, where the metaverse mirrors the cosmos, what are the new building blocks of our future?

The Cosmic Blueprint of Existence

Emerging shortly after the Big Bang, “Primordial Particles” are the earliest constituents of our physical universe, serving as the foundational building blocks from which the vast complexity of the cosmos emerged. During this period, the fundamental forces of the universe, still undifferentiated, presided over a simpler cosmic stage, setting in motion a grand ballet that would span billions of years.
In today’s digital age, particularly within the expanding realm of the metaverse, foundational elements such as algorithms emerge. These can be seen as the metaverse's equivalent to the cosmos's primordial particles, laying the groundwork for elaborate virtual worlds. The early universe gave a basic view of reality, while the essential components of the metaverse present a primary view into virtual life. “Primordial Particles” provides a perspective on the building blocks of both physical and digital realms, urging reflection on the interconnected tapestry of our being.
Artistic Exploration of Cosmic Origins and Digital Transformation

"Primordial Particles" is an immersive art experience inspired by the profound beginnings of our universe. Over 13 billion years ago, all matter and energy, the very fabric of our existence, erupted from a singular, intensely dense point in an explosion of unparalleled magnitude. This explosion, known as the Big Bang, expanded not through existing space but by creating and stretching space itself. In the immediate aftermath, our universe was a hotbed of fundamental particles, such as quarks and photons.
As time passed, the universe cooled and evolved, with atomic nuclei forming mere minutes after the explosion, culminating in the vast galaxies and sophisticated matter we observe today. And in much the same vein as stars morphing hydrogen and helium into planets like our Earth, "Primordial Particles" channels this vast cosmic history into an artistic vision. It beckons viewers to venture beyond known frontiers, stirring wonder about the vast unknown, probing the limits of cognition, and hinting at the mysticism and suspense that the cosmos holds. The piece intends to echo both the intricate complexities of our physical world and the emerging digital realms.
From 'Primordial Force' to 'Primordial Particles'
The Evolution of Immersive Art and its Deep Dive into Human Experience

Drawing parallels with the evocative 'Primordial Force', the forthcoming 'Primordial Particles' promises a continuing further exploration into the realms of immersive art in different settings. In 'Primordial Force', an aqueous environment transforms participants from passive observers to active experiencers, spotlighting art's unparalleled power to elevate sensory awareness. It isn't just about absorbing the interplay of sound, visuals, and ambiance; it's about immersion in a transformative medium that bridges deeper emotional and psychological understanding.
This art form offers an escape, a return, and a poignant reminder of our interconnected human experiences. The first iteration of the evolving 'Primordial Particles' is set to debut at the Troy Culture Road Festival from September 09-17, organized by Turkey's Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and it aims to envelop audiences in a multifaceted exploration of both cosmic origins and immersive digital landscapes.
Watch Teaser 01 / Teaser 02​​​​​​​
From the second iteration of the piece as a corner installation at the historical Grand Pera Cercle D'orient (Constructed in 1882 by Alexandre Vallaury) as a part of Beyoglu Culture Road Festival in Istanbul. September 30 - October 15, 2023. 
Generative A.I. assisted Initial Concept Explorations for "Primordial Particles"
From the explosion that birthed galaxies to the algorithms constructing our metaverse; our reality and virtuality are interconnected by these fundamental blueprints. Venture beyond the known and discover the interconnected tapestry of our being...
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