"Noumenon" is a culmination of Can Buyukberber's four-year immersive exploration into the intricacies of perception and the essence of objects in their purest form. First showcased in New York City's ZeroSpace—a 25,000 sqft avant-garde arena for technological art—this site-specific compilation weaves together Buyukberber's signature pieces.

A Transcendental Object

Noumenon: (in Kantian philosophy) a thing as it is in itself, a posited object or event as distinct from a thing as it is knowable by human sense and/or perception, through phenomenal attributes. The term is generally used when contrasted with, or in relation to, the term phenomenon, which refers to anything that can be apprehended by or is an object of the senses.
Noumenon is a site-specific compilation of Buyukberber's last 4 year of audiovisual work and explorations; from emergent systems to out-of-body experiences; from transcendental objects to the symbols of the collective unconscious, exhibited first time in New York City for a  year long exhibition
The installation has a central element, a highly intricate laser cut wood sculpture "Ouroboros 4" by Gabriel Schama and projection mapped with Buyukberber's visuals.
ZeroSpace combines bleeding-edge technological art and actor-driven narrative to create a one-hour immersive experience.  It is a 25,000 sqft immersive art playground showcasing a collection of large-scale installations from the world's leading new-media artists.
Thousands of guests of ZeroSpace has been experiencing "Noumenon" in New York City, including live musical performances and yoga practices accompanied by the immersive installation, framing the space as a futuristic shrine of art.
Noumenon, a Higher-Dimensional Compilation Piece

As nearly a 20 minute long compilation piece that is composed as a site-specific installation with the architectural elements, the large scale laser-cut sculpture by Schama, and a whole new sound design by Can Buyukberber that binds the pieces together under a holistic theme, Noumenon features parts from the renowned artworks of the artist; the complex visualization systems of "the.big.connection";  transcendental sculptures of the "Multiverse Series", dynamic tessellated light mural, "ray:trace";  the otherworldly odyssey of "Morphogenesis"; and the hypnotizing, undulating landscapes of "Transient Series"; celebrating the end of a decade and the art Buyukberber has produced over the years in the United States.
ZeroSpace, The Story
"A portal to another dimension has opened up in the middle of Manhattan, next to Penn Station. A covert government agency called Z-14 is investigating the portal. They're looking for volunteers to go into the portal and report back about what's on the other side. Are you willing to volunteer?"
The Mission​​​​​​​
"We believe single moments of wonder, curiosity and connection can shift the course of your life forever, thereby changing the world at large. Our mission is to create those moments by weaving together art, technology and story to create entirely new worlds for you to step into."
Large scale prints from Noumenon in W 32nd St, Manhattan, nearby the Penn Station.
Special thanks to the Zero Space Team and and the legendary, Joshua Davis for their support.
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